We offer a wide variety of fresh pre-cut vegetables to meet any occasion. We can and will chop it all. At Junior’s Pre-Cut our well-trained team uses fresh produce in our state-of-the-art facility to make your life simpler.


Our line of cut fruits extends from fruit salads to grab-n-go cups. We take great pride in everything we do and that includes our fruit. We slice it and dice it any which way possible, just like with our vegetables, Junior’s Pre-Cut will deliver.

Junior's Blends

Our Junior’s Blends is where we stand apart in customization, with an extensive line of specialty blends. We strive to provide individualization. Catering to your needs, simply send us what you are looking.

Junior's Pre-Cut helps save time, labor costs and storage space by having our team of professionals pre-peel, cut and pack any combination of produce which makes sense for you. Custom cut produce is one of the best services we offer our customers

Family Owned & Operated

Holden Fruit & Produce’s brands Junior’s Pre-Cut, and Rita’s Garden are able to offer our customers a variety of service options with the freshest fruit and produce available at unparalleled quality and customer service.