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Here at Holden Produce we take great pride in Junior’s Pre-Cut and Rita’s Garden alike. We put food safety and quality at the focal point of our operations. Therefore, every piece of produce that enters our processing room immediately gets washed down with ozonated water. All equipment in the processing room is cleaned with ozonated water as well. Ozonated water kills off 99.9% of any remaining bacteria on the produce, while at the same time not distorting any of the natural freshness or flavor. Ozone is also referred to as  activated oxygen. Essentially it has three oxygens instead of the two we breath in. Ozone is not a chemical and does not leave a chemical residue. It is simply a very natural oxygen, often found in the air after rain, that kills bacteria and cleans our produce.

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Holden Fruit & Produce’s brands Junior’s Pre-Cut, and Rita’s Garden are able to offer our customers a variety of service options with the freshest fruit and produce available at unparalleled quality and customer service.